Beton performs concrete testing in the lab and the field.

Durability-related tests

NT Build 492 test | Beton Consulting Engineers
NT Build 492 test cells. Photo: Mary Vancura

Unlike compressive strength, durability isn’t an intrinsic property of concrete. Durability makes sense only in the context of the exposure conditions.

Water penetration is directly or indirectly the cause of the majority of disintegrations in concrete and the degree to which water penetration is permitted by the texture of any concrete is a direct measure of its strength and endurance. —Concrete Engineers’ Handbook, 1918

Indeed, durability often relates to how readily water and ions can migrate into the concrete. Beton performs four different durability-related tests in our laboratory.

Let us help you decide which test(s) could be the most practical and informative for your project.

Nondestructive testing

Nondestructive tests can be used on their own, as part of a forensic investigation, or simply to guide the location of cores. After all, you don’t want to cut through reinforcement or posttensioning tendons!

Beton conducts

  • Static plate load tests
  • MIRA ultrasonic tomography
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity
  • Bond pull-off tests