​Concrete failure analysis: Discover what went wrong

Popouts? Cracks? Delamination? Spalling? Efflorescence? Low strength? Beton doesn’t like it when concrete fails, but we are experts in concrete failure analysis.

As a concrete failure analysis consultant, Beton brings a rich combination of knowledge and hands-on experience to our clients. Because our expertise includes structural engineering, petrography, concrete chemistry, ready-mix concrete production, lab testing, and field experience, we can figure out why concrete fails.

From popouts to cracked bridge deck overlays to frozen concrete columns, Beton has evaluated a lot of failed concrete. We use whatever tools we need to diagnose concrete failure.

An analysis typically begins with a site visit in order to assess the nature and extent of the failed concrete. We’ll request concrete cores and samples. If you already have the cores or samples, you can send them to us. Because we want to make sure we have a complete picture of the problem, we use a combination of job history, visual examination, petrography, and wet chemistry to get to the bottom of the failure. We follow up with a report and discussion with you on the most appropriate remediation so you can get on with your project.

If your concrete has failed, we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Left - Image showing a ruler measuring the carbonation in a small piece of concrete and Right - image showing a close-up of an uneven section of concrete up against the edge of a slab.