AASHTO accreditation

AASHTO accreditation logo
Beton’s concrete laboratory has received AASHTO accreditation for concrete testing in accordance with ASTM C1077.

Beton’s laboratory has received AASHTO accreditation for concrete testing and for quality management in accordance with ASTM C1077 and AASHTO R18. AASHTO’s website has a copy of our certificate and lists the standards for which we’re accredited. These include

  • ASTM C31, making and curing concrete test specimens (cylinders) in the field
  • ASTM C39, compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens
  • ASTM C138, density (unit weight), yield, and air content of concrete
  • ASTM C143, slump of hydraulic cement concrete
  • ASTM C172, sampling freshly mixed concrete
  • ASTM C231, air content of freshly mixed concrete by the pressure method
  • ASTM C511, moist cabinets, moist rooms, and water storage tanks used in the testing of hydraulic cements and concrete
  • ASTM C1064, temperature of freshly mixed portland cement concrete
  • ASTM C1231, use of unbonded caps in determination of compressive strength of hardened concrete cylinders (10,000 psi and below)

What does this mean for our clients? It gives you that much more confidence in our testing capabilities and in our quality management.