Concrete innovations: New solutions for the masonry and concrete industry

We develop new products for the masonry and concrete industries. Is your geopolymer concrete oozing white powder? Is your natural pozzolan* lacking strength? We’ve got experience working with creative thinkers and new products.

Image of waste glass powder | Beton Consulting Engineers
Photo credit: Mary Vancura, Waste glass powder

Waste Glass: Making a Plentiful Supply Work

More than 10 years ago, Beton was instrumental in the incorporation of waste glass into concrete without risk of alkali silica reaction on the I35W bridge replacement project in Minneapolis, Minn. More recently, we have assisted manufacturers and concrete producers in using waste glass in concrete production.

Waste glass is a challenging product because it comes from so many sources. We’re figuring out how to use the majority of waste glass, not just a single type. A new standard will make that easier.


Image of a shotcrete nozzleman on a platform shooting shotcrete onto a wall.
Photo credit: Mark Lukkarila, Shotcrete


We are innovators in the use of plant-blended cementitious binders to make high performance concrete, shotcrete, and grout where the compatibility, setting, workability, and finish-ability of the material are as important as the hardened properties.

Non-conforming fly ash

We can assess your source of fly ash that does not conform to ASTM C618.  Will it work for concrete production?  Precast concrete production?

Non-portland cement-based binders

Here’s what we can do with alternative cementitious binders:

  • troubleshoot and evaluate new sources of natural pozzolans* and binders
  • investigate and solve premature or delayed setting
  • discover and evaluate geopolymer activators
  • improve strength

*A pozzolan is a siliceous or a blend of siliceous and aluminous material that is not a hydraulic cement but will, in the presence of portland cement and water, react to form more calcium silicate hydrate. A natural pozzolan is a material that requires little or no processing to exhibit pozzolanic activity.