Concrete mix design: specialty mixes

Concrete mix design is an art and a science. Consider us the Da Vincis of concrete!

Different types of concrete mixtures

high grade concrete
Photo credit: Mary Vancura, Photocatalytic concrete

We can work with your cement, slag, fly ash, silica fume, admixtures, and aggregate to design a concrete that is place-able, pump-able and durable. Here’s what we can design for you:

  • self-consolidating concrete
  • ultra-high performance concrete
  • high strength concrete
  • high grade concrete
  • concrete with low diffusion rates

    concrete mix design
    Photo credit: Mary Vancura, SCC spread
  • low heat of hydration concrete mixtures for mass concrete placements
  • freeze-thaw durable concrete
  • high density concrete for radiation shielding
  • fiber-reinforced concrete
  • fly ash concrete
  • low-shrinkage concrete
  • low-density concrete
  • lightweight concrete
  • shrinkage compensating concrete

Our president, Kevin MacDonald, was the chief of engineering and quality control at a large ready mix company that provided concrete in both urban and rural settings. We understand the challenges associated with the trucking, placing, and finishing aspects of ready-mix concrete production and delivery.

Whether you’re a contractor responsible for mixture design, a ready-mix supplier trying something new, an engineer reviewing concrete mixture submittals, or an owner/architect who has unique design constraints, Beton offers experienced concrete mix design capabilities and expert advice.