Concrete mix design: specialty mixes

Concrete mix design is an art and a science. Consider us the Da Vincis of concrete!

Different types of concrete mixtures

Image of bags of photocatalytic concrete.
Photo credit: Mary Vancura, Photocatalytic concrete

We can work with your cement, slag, fly ash, silica fume, admixtures, and aggregate to design a concrete that is place-able, pump-able and durable. Here’s what we can design for you:

Our president, Kevin MacDonald, was the chief of engineering and quality control at a large ready mix company that provided concrete in both urban and rural settings. We understand the challenges associated with the trucking, placing, and finishing aspects of ready-mix concrete production and delivery.

Whether you’re a contractor responsible for mixture design, a ready-mix supplier trying something new, an engineer reviewing concrete mixture submittals, or an owner/architect who has unique design constraints, Beton offers experienced concrete mix design capabilities and expert advice. We can also conduct trial batching in our own laboratory. Our testing capabilities are always expanding. They now include calorimetry and maturity calibration.