Our concrete consultants know the science behind your concrete. Let our concrete materials consulting service help you make your next concrete project successful.

Pronunciaton: BAY-tawn/ Definition: noun 1. French word for concrete

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Mass Concrete & Thermal Control Plans

Need a thermal control plan to manage concrete temperature? Beton can help. Find out how.

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Concrete Specifications

Specifications giving you the concrete you want? We will review your project scope and tailor the specifications to meet it.

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Concrete Service Life Prediction

90-year parking ramp? 170-year bridge? No problem. We’ll maximize your concrete’s lifespan.

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Durability Testing

When will the chloride ions reach the reinforcing steel? How permeable is your concrete? Learn about the tests we do.

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Sustainable and Resilient Construction

Want to be a contractor or concrete producer of choice for “green” projects but don’t know where to start? We can help.

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Concrete Failure Analysis

Popouts? Cracks? Delamination? Spalling? Efflorescence? Low strength? We’ll discover what went wrong.

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Sometimes we use a microscope to better understand the chemistry of your concrete and why it failed.

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Specialty Mix Designs

Concrete mix proportioning is an art and a science. Consider us the DaVincis of concrete! Look at what we design.

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Product Innovation

Developing a new product for the masonry or concrete industries? Our approach to innovative concrete design comes from a chemical engineering and materials science angle alongside our experiences in construction monitoring and testing, concrete production, and structural engineering.

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What We're Up To

American Concrete Institute Fall Convention—Kevin, Mary, Mark, Rachel, Julie

October 24-28, 2020

70th Annual Concrete Conference—Kevin, Mary, Rachel, and Julie

December 3, 2020
University of Minnesota—online