Sustainable and Resilient Construction

Climate destabilization and the destruction of our natural environment are creating noticeable, adverse changes in our cities. The increase in tornadoes, hurricanes, and temperatures that the world is experiencing will impact the life cycle of our buildings, bridges and infrastructure.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, Tornado

Construction project design teams are increasingly specifying verified products that improve the life cycle of structures and reduce negative environmental impacts, like global warming and smog.

Many contractors and concrete producers want to do their part to improve their products and internal processes to become a business of choice for “green” projects. But where do you start? How do you learn about and implement changes to join this new world of sustainable construction?

We have a scientist on staff who is LEED credentialed and can take you through every step to becoming a company of choice for sustainable building projects. She will:

  • Describe what you need to do to qualify as a green company for designers
  • Examine your products, materials, recycling and delivery mechanisms, and internal practices to show you what must do to qualify for a sustainable rating
  • Adjust your concrete mix designs to maximize for recycled content
  • Write Environmental Produce Declarations (EPDs)
  • Perform LEED compliance calculations

We’ll cross every “T” and dot every “I” to ensure your company submits impeccable, clear paperwork so you can become a company of choice for sustainable construction projects.