​Technical, functional or economic concrete service life

90-year parking ramp? 170-year bridge? No problem. Let’s plan for it. A good portion of our work is with clients who want more than a lifetime of concrete service life. That’s not a pipe dream: we can make it possible.

Technical, functional or economic service life prediction

Image of engineer Rachel Dewiler at her desk looking at her computer.
Photo credit: Tim Davis

Beton will help you plan for the expected service life of a structure with the following tools:

Here’s how our friends at the American Concrete Institute (ACI) define service life prediction: “Service life is the period of time after concrete placement during which all the properties exceed the minimum acceptable values when routinely maintained.”

Service life can be defined in three ways:

test cells for ASTM C1202
Photo credit: Tim Davis, ASTM C1202 test cells
  • Technical service life is the time in service until usability becomes problematic or the concrete fails.
  • Functional service life is the time in service until the structure no longer fulfills the functional requirements or becomes obsolete due to such changes as increased clearance, higher axle and wheel loads, or road widening.
  • Economic service life is the time in service until replacement of the structure is economically more advantageous than keeping it in service.