​Alternative cementitious binders: Create the paste without the portland

Is your geopolymer concrete oozing white powder? Is your natural pozzolan* lacking strength? Beton can figure out why. We’ve got experience working with innovative thinkers and their products.

Waste glass, non-conforming fly ash and geopolymer concrete

alternative cementitious binders
Photo credit: Mary Vancura, Kevin MacDonald mortar cubes

More than 10 years ago, Beton was instrumental in the incorporation of waste glass into concrete without risk of alkali silica reaction on the I‑35W bridge replacement project in Minneapolis, Minn. More recently, we have assisted manufacturers and concrete producers in utilizing waste glass in non-portland cement binders, incorporating non-ASTM C618 conforming fly ash into precast concrete products, and making geopolymer concrete.

Here’s what what ​we can do with alternative cementitious binders:

  • investigate and solve premature or delayed setting

    concrete alternatives
    Photo credit: Mary Vancura, Waste glass powder
  • improve strength
  • troubleshoot and evaluate new sources of natural pozzolans* and cement.

*A pozzolan is a siliceous or a blend of siliceous and aluminous material that is not a hydraulic cement but will, in the presence of portland cement and water, react to form more calcium silicate hydrate. A natural pozzolan is a material that requires little or no processing to exhibit pozzolanic activity.