Link to recorded thermal control plans and mass concrete webinar

Giatec's green logoUpdate 10/25: Here is the link to the recorded webinar:

Beton Consulting Engineers has teamed up with Giatec, a Canadian company with headquarters in Ottawa, to co-produce an Oct. 14 webinar on thermal control plans for mass concrete. Giatec develops and manufactures hardware and software for non-destructive testing and quality control of concrete.

At this webinar, you’ll learn:

• When mass concrete provisions would apply
• Why mass concrete placements need to be managed
• How concrete mixture proportions can be used to control mass concrete placements
• What elements comprise a successful thermal control plan
• How sensors can be used to control the time required for thermal control
• How to use performance criteria to reduce the risk of mass concrete

Please join us on Oct. 14 at 2 p.m. EDT for this free webinar!
Presented by Beton’s President Kevin MacDonald and Giatec’s Manager of Engineering Solutions Icaro Mariani